The Gun Girdle

The Gun Girdle Conceal Carry Belly Holster System
The Gun Girdle Is A Reversible Elastic Belt/Holder System That Wraps Around Your Waist and
Holds A Pistol and Two Magazines.
The Gun Girdle Is A Product That Combines Safety, Comfort, Versatility, and Concealability.

Safety: A hard plastic trigger guard safely holds the entire trigger area secure and will not allow the trigger to be manually operated.

Comfort: The Gun Girdle can be worn in multiple positions over or under the clothing. This represents a unique system of concealed carry. It allows a firearm to be carried strong side, weak side, cross draw hip left side, cross draw hip right side, cross draw chest left or right side, center chest carry or center back carry. It is especially comfortable for women.The Gun Girdle can be work in multi-positions because it has a reversible trigger guard.

Concealability: The smooth contours of the reversible trigger guard combined with the 6” width of the belt create a system that hides the “printing” area of a firearm.

The Gun Girdle System is constructed unique from any other product of its kind in the industry. A very unique product has been developed by using the following materials: 6 inch wide elastic band, 6 inch wide Velcro, corrugated plastic, and heavy thread. The 6″ wide military grade elastic combined with up to 12″ of Velcro create a very stable platform for carrying the weight of a loaded pistol and 2 magazines. The Gun Girdle System is manufactured locally in the USA and sold via gun shows and internet sales.

It comes in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large and can accommodate any size pistol. (Patent pending.)

Sizing information:

  • Small fits 26-32 inch waist
  • Medium fits 32 to 40 inch waist
  • Large fits 40-50 inch waist

Price: All Mrs. Gundle’s (TM) Gun Girdle Belts are priced at $60.00. Continental U.S. Only. Contact Us to Order yours today!