This is by far the most comfortable concealed carry I’ve ever had!!  The first day, I kept checking to see if my firearm was still there because I didn’t have those familiar problems of something pulling my pants down, rubbing on my thighs and feeling all the weight of my firearm.  I can use the ladies’ room without having to worry my firearm is going to fall out of the holster and my draw is quick and easy.  After wearing several different IWB appendix holsters, I can’t even feel that I’m carrying my firearm with this one.  This is the best belly band holster period.  I looked at 15-20 other belly bands, but none of them looked secure or appeared to have any quality construction to them.  Yours was the only one that had solid trigger protection – something you really want considering the location!!  You HAVE to get this product out to women.  I’ve seen concealed carry websites for women that carry special holsters and your belly band should be there.  Every major gun retailer should carry this. — Wendy B.
I just wanted to say “Thank You”, “Thank You”, for posting this information. I went to the link you provided and found The Gungirdle. I just received mine in the mail and it is AWESOME!!! I would highly recommend to women who are looking for something to carry on person. Well worth the price. I have been looking for quite some time because I was not comfortable just carrying in my purse and wanted something so I could carry on me. The GUNGIRDLE is exactly what I have been looking for. Again, Thank You for sharing their link. I had never heard of them before…. JL Brown